Flexform Cestone Case

Sofa: four people are arranged in a straight row. The original version of the sofa is derived from the cestone sofa of flexform. The imported hard leather and solid stainless steel are wrapped with the imported elephant gray frosted cow leather, showing luxury

Tea table: tea table: use round rock plate with stainless steel feet to break the faint feeling in the square space and make the space more spiritual and dynamic.




Leisure chair: choose the red technology cloth seat surface for color hopping treatment to add vitality to the living room.


Dining table: choose the very popular Hermes grey natural marble with stainless steel tripod.


The overall color matching is mainly fashionable and classic high-grade gray, with red technology cloth leisure chairs, which is calm and atmospheric without losing the warm atmosphere of home. The minimalist lines outline the outline, and the smooth moving line of guest restaurant integration perfectly echoes with the extreme lines, making the space more spacious; With color matching, the atmosphere does not lose the beauty of composure; The fineness and shape of furniture make the space fuller.



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