Minotti Connery Sofa

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Connery's seating system is contemporary, with strong architectural appeal and pure lines reminiscent of the American spirit in the middle of the last century. Its exquisite aesthetics and design instantly attracted attention. The ingenious combination of good materials and complex details add a hint to the fashion design.

 In terms of a multifunctional seat system, the composition and combination of materials cover a unique personality, and also express the original matching square and spacious rest sofa. ‎



Geometrically rigorous, the foundation creates an original seat with softness, which is conceived as a single cushion defined by light pins, seat - 83 or 68 cm wide, backrest and armrest structure, guided by velvet filling. The backrest and armrest form a volume and are split in the corner at 45 °.






Like fabric covering, the filled structural foundation can also be covered with leather strips, and exquisite leather bags can be made with the same technology. The quoted concept of high-end leather goods is also found in the head and elegant "C" shaped flap surface, seamlessly integrating seat elements, animation works and a vibrant rhythm. ‎






Based on the structure proposed from the ground, the extruded aluminum thin blade is finished with brandy polishing paint, positioned in the front, giving the sofa an attractive and ventilated, metal parts on the trunk and suitcase. ‎






The sheet shelf reaffirms the structural basis of the strip design and enables the system function to provide fashionable, surface placed objects. ♪ leather covered or Moka grey veneer, they are covered with harmonious dialogue texture.♪



 The belts at the bottom of the structure are sewn together with belts and marked with seams, which increases the rhythm of design and makes exquisite leather bags with the same technology. The high-end leather goods with the same concept also stimulate the freely adjustable seat headrest.





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